Coming full circle with Marketing Cloud & Einstein Analytics

Marketing departments are no different than sales or finance, they too want insight. With all the data marketing is generating it becomes that much more interesting to start having a tool that can give you good insight. Salesforce have two marketing automation tools – Pardot and Marketing Cloud. Pardot already has an app that leveraging Einstein Analytics, but Marketing Cloud doesn’t, however, we do have a default connector we can use. Therefore, I decided to explore what we could do with Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics, which ended up being 5 blogs.

I hope this blog series has inspired you how to get Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics connected.

2 thoughts on “Coming full circle with Marketing Cloud & Einstein Analytics”

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    Tom H on December 3, 2019 Reply

    Hey Rikke, wouldn’t Datorama be a better tool then EA for marketers when they are bringing in more then just MC data? EA doesn’t seem scalable for all of the different marketing datasources..

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      Rikke on December 6, 2019 Reply

      It always comes down to use-case and tools available.

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