All About Project Best Practices

Below is a collection of key best practices for any analytics developer working on a Tableau CRM or Einstein Discovery project. All the insight is based on years of experience and many projects of high complexity.


Data Orchestration

7 part blog series on how to best manage the flow of data in Tableau CRM incl. data landscape, governance limits, dependencies, and general best practices.

Asset Management

Deployment Techniques

A blog explaining how you can deploy your analytics projects from sandbox to production incl. pre and post-migration steps as well as a list of analytics metadata types and whether they are deployable.

Project Scope

Einstein Discovery Methodology

A blog uncovering stages in an Einstein Discovery project incl. how to define a use case and convert it into tangible components.


Mohan’s SFDX Analytics Plugin

A blog series on how to control and manage Tableau CRM with Mohan’s Analytics plugin for Salesforce CLI.


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