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Output Connector to Tableau Online

Imagine you’ve enriched your data in Tableau CRM from any number of sources – Salesforce and beyond. You have your awesome Tableau CRM Dashboards for your CRM consumers, but you are also a Tableau…
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Output Connector to Salesforce

In this day and age, pulling your data into an analytics repository and generating dashboards is just the beginning of the analytics journey. We want to also take action on the insights and even…
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Sync Out for Snowflake

The Tableau CRM team spent a bunch of time in 2020 working with our partners at Snowflake, and as a result of the collaboration, we came up with a unique feature that will allow…
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A Binding Decision Tree

My binding blogs seem to be some of the most popular content on my blog. It is also one of the topics I get the most questions about. So I’ve been thinking, how do…
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A SAQL Cogrouping Hack

Some of my blogs are inspired by questions or use cases that I encounter when working with Tableau CRM. In the past month, I’ve had the same question around joining two datasets in a…
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From Dataflow to Data Prep

In the past few releases, we have seen the hard work behind the new Data Prep (recipes) emerge. While Data Prep aims to make it easier for users to get started with transforming data…
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