Einstein Analytics: A robust approach for performing period over period analysis (using a single date picker)

Einstein Analytics dashboard pattern for dynamic Period over Period Analysis using a single date picker. Highlights: * Works with a single standard date widget * Works with absolute dates * Works with relative date bonus Allows switching between \"current period vs. prior period\" (example: Jan-Feb 2019 vs. Nov-Dec 2018) & \"current period vs same period prior year\" (example: Jan-Feb 2019 vs. Jan-Feb 2018)

YTD Comparison with Compare Tables

20. November 2017 Einstein Analytics 18
I love when my clients inspire me to write blogs. I mean they have real challenges and questions that other companies might very well also have, so why not write down the solutions for more people’s benefit. This time I was asked, “how do I compare year to date (YTD) with the same period last ...

Using date fields in static steps

02. April 2017 Einstein Analytics 14
Earlier I wrote a post about static steps and how they can give the dashboard viewer additional power in exploring data [read the post here]. I showed how to use static steps as a measure, grouping, filter, order and limit. However, all my examples used dimensions or of course measure, they did not use a ...

Connecting Dataset in Wave

If you like me have been building dashboard in Wave for awhile, then you probably would agree that best practice is limiting the usage of multiple datasets. One of the main reasons for this is that the natural faceting that makes widgets interact with each other will stop working. Traditionally you would have to add ...