Behind the Blog

The author of this blog is Rikke Hovgaard. The name is Danish and the chance is that you are probably not pronouncing my name the “correct” way, but don’t worry after moving outside of Denmark I am not fuzzy about it. I’m a 9x Salesforce certified professional based in London, UK. If you are interested in knowing my background and experience or if want to know which certifications I hold, then check out my LinkedIn profile.

Why blogging

My main reason for blogging is that when I started with Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Einstein Analytics there was not many “go-to” website for knowledge. When I had an issue and searched google for the answer the results were limited. As I created cool solutions I thought “why not share it with the world?”, I mean if I had issues along the way others might have too and maybe my solution could help them a little. So as you will see, a lot of my blog posts will focus on a solution or explore some feature I find helpful.

Need help?

It’s not that I don’t want to help you debug your binding or help find a solution to your use case, but I have a full-time job and my blogging is when I have some free time to spare so expect that my reply will be very slow. It is much quicker for you to use the trailblazer community. But should you have an idea for a topic I could explore, please do let me know.