All About SAQL

SAQL is a key topic you can use in the design layer as well as the data layer. On this page, I have collected different resources for you to become a SAQL hero.


Official Salesforce SAQL Documentation

What is what blogs

SAQL simply explained – Part 1: an introduction to SAQL and understand a basic SAQL query

SAQL simply explained – Part 2: understand how order and multiple groupings and measures are used.

SAQL simply explained – Part 3: understand how to use filters.

SAQL simply explained – Part 4: understand how the cogroup statement works.

SAQL simplt explained – Part 5: understand how the union statement works.

More coming soon…

Use cases

A Look to the Future with Timeseries: 2 part blog on the timeseries SAQL statement.

My Most Used computeExpression: a use case on how to make sure you can ensure a custom order.

YTD Comparison with Compare Tables