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Driving growth and helping my customers address their most pressing business challenges.

I've been working with CRM Analytics since 2015 and get to build templated apps on the platform. Previously, I was an architect focused on analytics, business intelligence, data architecture, and business process improvement.

I am a 3x CRM Analytics Ambassador and have been building solutions in CRM Analytics as an independent consultant since 2018.

I am an Enterprise Architect currently focusing on CRM Analytics with over 20 years of software development & enterprise architecture. I've been implementing and deploying Best Practices and solutions across Solution Management, Product Development, and Professional Services.

Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce working with CRM Analytics since 2015.

CRM Analytics certified Senior Customer Success Guide for CRM Analytics

Neeraj Munshi is a Director of Product Management at Salesforce within the Salesforce Data Platform area. His product teams focus on many aspects of the Salesforce Data Pipeline experience, including Data Prep Recipes, Dataflows, Transformations, and Security.

Senior Product Manager