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Operational Reports & Dashboards is one of the most heavily used features within Salesforce with a large footprint. It enables business users to access and analyze their data with ease to make data-driven decisions. With the plethora of feature requests for reports & dashboards, prioritization is always a juggle. In the past few releases, we’ve improved the lightning report builder, adding advanced features like Disable Preview, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, and Unique Count. Now, our goal is to have this data available for you at your fingertips.

Until now if you wanted to view your data, you had to log into Salesforce and run your report. A variety of end-users with different roles consume reports, and they don’t always want to log in to Salesforce to view their data. They need an option that’s easily and readily accessible.

Let’s dive into an example

You’re the leader of a Sales team and have a weekly sync with your team on Mondays at 9 AM. You often take this call while driving to the office and don’t always have the time in the morning to log into Salesforce to prepare in advance. You want to be able to skim through a report quickly before you head to the office to check overall forecasting numbers and the top 5 deals your team is working on.

Get reports delivered directly to your inbox

With the new Report Subscription Attachment feature, you or your admin can subscribe you to reports to be delivered on schedule to your inbox. Each email includes a report summary with filters that you can easily view on your mobile device or desktop. Later you can click the email attachment to open the report in Salesforce.

In our example, your admin can subscribe you to a summary report with details of the top 5 deals that your team is working on. You can have the report to be delivered to you at 7 AM on Mondays so you always have the latest data for the sales meeting.

Customize subscriptions even further

The attached reports can have up to 15,000 rows and 30 columns, and the report can be delivered as a formatted Excel file or a details-only CSV file with your preferred encoding. You can even set conditions for delivery of the report email, for example, to send the report only when ACV exceeds $10,000.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Save time by viewing the report directly in your inbox instead of finding it in Salesforce
  • No need to export the report manually each time every time you need it in Excel format
  • Only get notified when certain conditions are met. Hence eliminating unnecessary noise.

What’s next for the future?

Per customer feedback, we plan to support an XLSX details-only export option in the future.

We’re also considering PDF attachments for dashboard subscriptions to make it easy for end-users who want to use dashboard subscription PDFs directly in their presentations or meetings.

How do I enable this feature?

This feature is slated to be Generally Available (GA) in Winter 21 and is in Open Beta in the Summer 20 release.

In order to sign up for it, navigate to Setup → Reports & Dashboards Settings and then opt into the Org Pref “Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience”.

Do you have feedback to share? Let me know your thoughts by reaching out to me via email (, twitter (@adutta_sf), or Salesforce community (Ankita Dutta).

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11 thoughts on “Subscribe to get report attachments directly in your inbox”

  • 1
    Prashant Wagle on July 9, 2020 Reply

    Hi Ankita,

    Great write-up. How do you handle data security and privacy concerns that are involved with sending reports as attachments over email?

    Did Salesforce legal team have you put any guardrails on it?


  • 2
    Ankita Dutta on July 10, 2020 Reply

    Hi Prashant,
    We have approval from our security team for this feature. As long as the user has the necessary permission to export data and to subscribe, it should be fine.

  • 3
    Kedar Potdar on February 1, 2021 Reply

    Hi Ankita,

    Great post!!!

    I am facing an issue where all the report subscription emails go in the junk folder because they originate from a cryptic email address and have my own email address spoofed on top of it. Have you seen this behavior?

    • 4
      John on February 26, 2022 Reply

      I’m experiencing this behaviour as well. Would be great if someone can post a solution.

  • 5
    Rita Rosário on March 22, 2021 Reply

    Hi Ankita, as admin, how can I know which reports are being subscribed by other users of my organization? Is there a custom report type that I can use? Many Tks!

  • 8
    Thomas Kuruvilla on December 8, 2021 Reply

    Hi Ankita,

    Great post!
    Thomas Kuruvilla

  • 9
    michele on March 3, 2022 Reply

    is possible to send a dashboard via mail mantaining the dashboard format?

  • 10
    Krishna on October 30, 2023 Reply

    The reports received through subscription have 18 digit ids, but reports directly exported from Report Builder have 15 digit ids. How to get 15 digit ids through subscription?

    • 11
      Ankita Dutta on October 30, 2023 Reply

      Hi Krishna,
      Can you tell me a bit about the use case? Why do you need it to be 15 digits?

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