Tableau CRM faster Dashboard – Network to the rescue


In the previous two sections, we explored how cosmetic changes and query changes can help improve dashboard performance. In this section, let’s understand how some network capabilities can be used to our benefit.

Enable CDN to Load Tableau CRM Dashboard Faster

Why CDN for Tableau CRM? 

Load Tableau CRM and other Lightning Experience applications faster by enabling Akamai’s content delivery network (CDN) to serve the static content for the Lightning Component framework. A CDN generally speeds up page load time of static content by storing cached versions in multiple geographic locations. Tableau CRM assets automatically use the CDN for customers who enabled CDN in their orgs after Winter ’20. This setting is disabled by default for existing orgs and enabled by default for new orgs.

Where: This change applies to Tableau CRM in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Tableau CRM is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

How: To enable CDN, from Setup, enter Session in the Quick Find box, and then select Session Settings. Select Enable Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Lightning Component framework, and click Save. This setting turns on CDN delivery for the static content in the Lightning Component framework. It doesn’t distribute your org’s data or metadata in a CDN.

Prerequisites and Configuration:  

If you experience issues, ask your IT department if your company’s firewall blocks Akamai CDN content. If your company has IP range restrictions for content served from Salesforce, test thoroughly before enabling this setting.

Enable Http2 to Load Tableau CRM Dashboard Faster

What is Http2?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol that is, currently, the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web and any web application like Einstein Analytics. 

Why Http2 for Tableau CRM? 

HTTP2 is the latest version of this protocol that has significant performance benefits for an application like Tableau CRM as it allows multiple requests for data in parallel over a single TCP connection. For example, if a dashboard has 20+ queries under Http1 we can fire at most 6 queries at a time from the browser due to the limitation of Http1, however, with http2 we have no such limitation and we can increase the number of requests from the browser hence helping to load the dashboard faster. We have observed a 10-20% improvement in dashboard load times with the use of HTTP/2 in lab and pilot customers.

How to enable Http2?

Salesforce Edge is a prerequisite for enabling Http2. Once you have enabled Edge, Salesforce/Tableau CRM can turn on Http2 for your organization. 

What is Salesforce Edge?

Salesforce Edge delivers an enhanced user experience, consistent quality content delivery, and improved download times for users from across the globe. It does this by redirecting requests to the closest Salesforce location where Salesforce Edge is deployed. It provides a range of services that include TLS termination, Static Caching, and TCP optimizations. The application delivers data using the Salesforce infrastructure which protects, uses, and processes data appropriately and in accordance with the law. With Salesforce Edge, you can continue to get the same trusted infrastructure while also receiving these improved benefits.

Who can move to Salesforce Edge?

We’re moving Sales and Service Cloud customer orgs that enabled My Domain to Salesforce Edge. Public Cloud and Salesforce Government Cloud orgs are currently excluded from the move to Salesforce Edge. 

What actions do I need to take?

Salesforce end-users: The move to Salesforce Edge is seamless for your end-users and no actions are required from them. They keep using the same URLs to access your org, Salesforce Sites, or Communities. 

Administrators of Salesforce orgs: To take advantage of Salesforce Edge, ensure your org is using a My Domain

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    Gokula Kannan Duraiswamy on March 23, 2022 Reply

    We are planning to enable CDN/ Edge and we are facing some performance issues with TCRM Dashboards exposed in Community. Our Community is accessed via a Custom Domain. We have a Proxy Server with Custom Domain and the request hits the Proxy server before reaching Salesforce server. With this kind of setup, Does this work with Custom Domain as well?

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