Transform Salesforce Reporting with AI-Generated Formulas


We are thrilled to announce the general availability of a groundbreaking feature in the Salesforce Reporting product suite: Formula Generation for Data Cloud Reports, powered by Einstein Generative AI. You can now seamlessly integrate AI-generated formulas into your reports with a few clicks.

Why This Matters

In the fast-paced world of data analytics, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Sometimes, Reports simply don’t contain the fields you need to answer business questions. Users can simply type in natural language a description of a formula instead of finding the exact fields and applying complicated operations/logics to create a formula Leveraging generative AI to augment analytics building experience to increase users productivity and empower users of all technical levels.

Get Started Today

Simply go to your report and click on adding a summary or row level formula:

In the formula builder, describe the calculation you want, i.e. “bucket the opportunity revenue into high, medium or low” or “how many days does it take each opportunity to close” etc and Einstein builds the formula syntax for you, along with a column name and description. You can then verify and add to your report with one click.

Join us in embracing this new era of intelligent reporting, and see how Salesforce continues to lead the way in AI-driven innovation.

So what exactly is happening in the background?

  • User opens the formula editor — create Row or Summary Level formula
  • User provides an input (utterance) and this calls the Formula Generation action. A user’s request along with other data are passed along.
  • A sequence of processing steps occurs:
    • Starting with feeding processed data into a prompt that produces a list of fields and functions relevant to the user’s input.
    • The results of this generation are then further processed and inputted into another prompt.
    • Here, based on the user’s input and the grounding provided by the relevant fields and functions, the LLM generates results.
  • The formula is generated and inserted with the name, description and the right syntax.
  • Results can be then passed through the existing validation API by clicking ‘validate’ in the formula editor
  • Note: If the user request is unrelated to the formula generation task or data model, we won’t handle this request and will return an error message

Where: This change applies to Data Cloud in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Einstein 1 Sales Edition or Einstein 1 Service Edition and the DC Report GPT add-on. Einstein generative AI is available in Lightning Experience.

Feedback can help us improve, and it’s greatly appreciated. Access the thumbs up and thumbs down icons by hovering on Einstein’s response.

To learn more about Formula Generation for Data Cloud Reports and how it can revolutionize your data reporting, visit our help article.

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    Mark Williams on June 24, 2024 Reply

    This article on transforming Salesforce reporting with AI-generated formulas is incredibly insightful and timely. It beautifully captures the essence of leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance data analysis capabilities within Salesforce, offering a clear pathway to optimize reporting efficiency and accuracy. The practical examples and step-by-step guidance provided are invaluable for anyone looking to harness AI in their Salesforce workflows. Kudos to the author for presenting such a well-researched and informative piece!

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