Top 3 Salesforce Wave features to look out for this Springtime

Rikke Hovgaard 23. February 2017 Spring 17 2

Last year Salesforce brought us the flex designer that made it easier and much quicker for us to build dashboards and make them available on all devices. Now it’s Springtime and Salesforce are bringing more goodies to the table. Here’s my take on some exciting new features to look out for this Springtime.

Connect datasets

If you have created dashboards using multiple datasets you probably know the hard work that lies in connecting the datasets behind the scenes using selection binding and results binding to ensure that the widgets are faceting. In spring 17 the flex designer will do the hard work for you. From the UI you simply connect two or more datasets by choosing the connected dimensions or measure. And in a matter of seconds, the hard work is done for you. Not only does this help speed up the process, it also ensures that all widgets are reacting to each other with you interact with your dashboard.

Create recipes

Creating datasets from Salesforce is simple in Wave. Uploading datasets are simple in Wave. But connecting those datasets to create a new is not so simple. Salesforce has addressed this and Spring17 will make it so much easier for you to do this. The concept of recipes allows you to pick data from different sources to generate a new dataset. While generating this new dataset you can make filters and transform your data to slice and dice your data to be able to measure your KPI’s. This recent enhancement will be particularly useful if you do not have some mad JSON skills as part of your team.

Do actions

Salesforce has previously allowed you to link your dashboards with actions in Salesforce, but this is now becoming more powerful. Instead of an action on a single record, you can now make sure your action fires on multiple records. So when you have filtered your dashboard you can add custom actions to your underlying accounts and for instance create an opportunity for all the accounts in your raw table.

These are my three top improvements to look out for this springtime. But these are not the only enhancements to look out for. Spring 17 is stacked with lots more upgrades to help make your dashboards quicker and customize them even further than before. To read more on what’s happening in Wave and stay ahead of the curve, see the release notes.

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Salesforce Wave features to look out for this Springtime”

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    Manish on July 25, 2018 Reply

    Hi Rikke,
    Just quick question, If I use the replace function on the field in Data Recipe does the same will apply all the time if I rescheduling the data recipe or only for one time?

    • 2
      Rikke on July 30, 2018 Reply

      Hi Manish,
      The recipe is a tool to transform data and register a dataset. So any transformation logic you apply in the recipe will run every time you run the recipe. So with your schedule, the replace function is run every time.

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