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Over time building dashboards in Wave I’ve found a few neat (and maybe a little hidden) shortcuts. Personally, these are helping me and making things a little easier every time I build dashboards.

Search in Dashboard JSON

If you have worked with the dashboard JSON then you already know the first shortcut “Command+E” or “Control+E”. This shortcut gives you access to the dashboard JSON. If you have gotten this far you probably also know that the dashboard JSON quickly becomes long with all the widgets and steps you are adding. The easiest way to find a step or a widget is by searching for it: “Command+F” or “Control+F”

Replace in Dashboard JSON

If you use “Command+F” or “Control+F” twice an additional box will appear in the dashboard JSON that will allow you to perform a search and replace.

Make room for a widget

If you have many widgets and want to rearrange them you might have to move quite a few things around. Well, while dragging your widget hold down “shift” and other widgets will move out of the way making room for you to place your desired widget.

Delete widget

Having highlighted your widget in the dashboard designer press the “delete” button, this will remove the widget. Don’t confuse this with “D” as this will delete the whole dashboard – you will be given a warning before the whole dashboard is forever deleted.

Save dashboard

Simply press “S” and your dashboard Save dialogue window is opened.

Clone Dashboard

Simply press “N” and the dashboard is cloned in a new tab.


Access Dashboard JSON: Command+E // Control+E

Search in Dashboard JSON: Command+F // Control+F

Replace in Dashboard JSON: Command+F x2 // Control+F x2

Make room for widget inside the dashboard designer: Drag widget and hold down shift

Delete widget inside the dashboard designer: click on the widget + delete button

Save dashboard: S

Clone dashboard: N


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    Hari Padmanaban on December 6, 2018 Reply

    Really useful. Thanks 🙂

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