DreamOlé with a flavor of Einstein Analytics


DreamOlé… Sun, Spanish omelet, sangria, and Salesforce… What’s not to like about this amazing community event? And on top of that, I get to put a flavor of Einstein Analytics on this event with my session ‘Einstein Analytics, Art of the Possible’!

At 15.45 in Montjuïc I have my session where I will try to inspire you with some cool Einstein Analytics use cases. You may think it’s difficult to get started with Einstein Analytics and while all new beginnings can be hard it’s actually not as hard as you may think. I will even get you a headstart to build a similar dashboard to the one I am demoing.


I can, of course, recommend to head on to Trailhead, get some badges and learn Einstein Analytics. Here are some cool modules to complete.

Common Use Cases

Okay, I’ll be covering a lot of ground in my presentation. But no need to worry here’s some help.

  • Embedded Dashboards; help is coming soon…
  • Filters; let your users have the flexibility to get answers to their questions by using dynamic filters.
  • Actions; help is coming soon…
  • Custom map; have a look at this trailhead project. Obviously, you are not interested in a map of LA, so here’s the Spanish map together with a lot of other maps you can download and use. If you want to create your own custom map of a cow or a Spanish omelet here’s a video from the brilliant Michael Lowes on how to convert an image to a GEOJSON.
  • Dynamic Gauge; this one solves one of the most asked questions I had when I worked with operational reporting in Salesforce. This is how you base the breakpoints on the quota data.
  • Static Steps; this is truly powerful! You can make your charts super flexible by allowing the user to select measures, groupings, filters. Check out the possibilities. Just remember you want to check out the thing called columnMap.
  • Compare Table; I love the compare table! You can do so much cool stuff like compare YTD with YTD last year.
  • Pages; pack your dashboard with cool features! It’s really useful for embedded dashboards to make sure they don’t take up a lot of space in your Salesforce pages. Let Eddie Picot inspire you in this video!
  • Correct Sorting; the waterfall graph of the pipeline can’t start with ‘Closed Lost’ opportunities, right? Well, how do you fix the sorting to a custom order? Use the powerful dataflow and a case statement and voila custom sorting.

Give Me More!

I knew you would say that! Einstein Analytics is addictive! Okay, I already said head to Trailhead and I mean it, but here’s another blog post I wrote on how to embark on your Einstein Analytics journey.

Please become a member of the Einstein Analytics Success Community! We would love to have you and it’s the best place to learn from others and ask questions. And you have quick access to all kinds of resources, which get updated all the time.

Finally, I do have to recommend two brilliant places to expand your knowledge further, created by the community for the community! Don’t forget to check out:

Enjoy! And if you do create something cool, please share!

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