Coming full circle with Marketing Cloud & Einstein Analytics

26. September 2018 Other, Summer 18 8

Marketing departments are no different than sales or finance, they too want insight. With all the data marketing is generating it becomes that much more interesting to start having a tool that can give you good insight. Salesforce have two marketing automation tools – Pardot and Marketing Cloud. Pardot already has an app that leveraging Einstein Analytics, but Marketing Cloud doesn’t, however, we do have a default connector we can use. Therefore, I decided to explore what we could do with Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics, which ended up being 5 blogs.

December 2019 update: with the new authentication in Marketing Cloud there is a new type of installed package as well as connector to use, which is covered in the blog A new OAuth 2.0 Marketing Cloud connector in Einstein Analytics.

I hope this blog series has inspired you how to get Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics connected.

8 thoughts on “Coming full circle with Marketing Cloud & Einstein Analytics”

  • Avatar 1
    Tom H on December 3, 2019 Reply

    Hey Rikke, wouldn’t Datorama be a better tool then EA for marketers when they are bringing in more then just MC data? EA doesn’t seem scalable for all of the different marketing datasources..

    • Avatar 2
      Rikke on December 6, 2019 Reply

      It always comes down to use-case and tools available.

  • Avatar 3
    ANDERS BLAASTRUP KNUDSEN on June 9, 2020 Reply

    Hi Rikke,

    What are the use cases of using both EA&D and Datorama?
    Where do they compliment each other?


    • Avatar 4
      Rikke on June 9, 2020 Reply

      I don’t know enough about Datorama to give a qualified answer. But to my knowledge Datorama really strong on connecting different marketing tools and providing a out of the box rapporting to those. EA is fully customizable but you don’t have all the connectors to marketing tools. Also I guess EA is better embedded in CRM.

  • Avatar 5
    ANDERS BLAASTRUP KNUDSEN on June 9, 2020 Reply

    HI Rikke,
    Thanks for the immediate answer.
    I have reached out to Gert and Oskar from SFDC 🙂

  • Avatar 6
    ANDERS BLAASTRUP KNUDSEN on June 12, 2020 Reply

    Hi Rikke,
    A little mind teaser on a Friday.
    We are on a new project and have stumbled into an exciting issue.
    We aim to add a sum or total of a column into the dataflow leaving us with a new column all containing the same value (the total of the other column). Is this possible – haven’t found anyone mentioning they have achieved this.
    The idea is to use flow, not recipe.
    kind reg.

    • Avatar 7
      Rikke on June 12, 2020 Reply

      Check out compute relative. But if it’s the sum of a whole column isn’t it just enough to aggregate on the dashboard?

      • Avatar 8
        ANDERS BLAASTRUP KNUDSEN on June 12, 2020 Reply

        HI – thing is we tried the compute relative. But I can’t figure out how to get the total of the column, even if I flag each column and set it as a partition.
        The total is needed for further calculations in the dataflow, due to the issue with making a rolling total on a column based on a formula in the compare table.
        hope it makes sense 🙂

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