The Ultimate List of Einstein Analytics Shortcuts


Why click with your mouse when there is a shortcut? Well, maybe you are not aware of the many amazing shortcuts there are available in Einstein Analytics. Look no further, here is a list of all the shortcuts you should know and use. Big thanks to Geoff Rothman for finding a lot of these.

Dashboard Editor

Save – S

Preview/edit – E

Clone – N

Delete widget – select+backspace

Move multiple – cmd+select

Toggle reflow – drag+shift

Dashboard JSON

Collapse All

  • Mac: cmd+alt+ctrl+0
  • Windows: ctrl+alt+0

Collapse to Main Keys

  • Mac: cmd+alt+0
  • Windows: alt+0

Delete Line/Selected

  • Mac: cmd+D
  • Windows: ctrl+D

Duplicate Line/Selected

  • Mac: cmd+shift+D
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+D

Expand All

  • Mac: cmd+alt+shift+0
  • Windows: alt+shift+0

Expand Single Collapsed

  • Mac: cmd+shift+L
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+L

Find Next

  • Mac: cmd+G
  • Windows: ctrl+K

Note you can use this one in the search function as well as by highlight some text.

Find Previous

  • Mac: cmd+shift+G
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+K

Note you can use this one in the search function as well as by highlight some text.

Go to Line

  • Mac: cmd+L – enter line number
  • Windows: ctrl+L – enter line number

Go to End

  • Mac: cmd+arrow down
  • Windows: ctrl+end

Go to Start

  • Mac: cmd+arrow up
  • Windows: ctrl+home

Go to Line Start

  • Mac: cmd+arrow left
  • Windows: alt+arrow left

Go to Line Start

  • Mac: cmd+arrow right
  • Windows: alt+arrow right

Go One Word Left

  • Mac: alt+arrow left
  • Windows: ctrl+arrow left

Go One Word Right

  • Mac: alt+arrow right
  • Windows: ctrl+arrow right

Go to Matching

  • Mac: ctrl+P
  • Windows: ctrl+P

Select to Matching

  • Mac: ctrl+shift+P
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+P

Remove to Line End

  • Mac: ctrl+K
  • Windows: alt+Delete

Remove to Line Start

  • Mac: cmd+backspace
  • Windows: alt+backspace

Remove Word Left

  • Mac: alt+backspace
  • Windows: ctrl+backspace


  • Mac: cmd+F
  • Windows: ctrl+F

Search & Replace

  • Mac: cmd+F x2
  • Windows: ctrl+F x2

Select All

  • Mac: cmd+A
  • Windows: ctrl+A

Select or Find Next

  • Mac: ctrl+G
  • Windows: alt+K

Select or Find Previous

  • Mac: ctrl+shift+G
  • Windows: alt+shift+K

Select to End

  • Mac: cmd+shift+arrow down
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+end

Select to Start

  • Mac: cmd+shift+arrow up
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+home

Select Line Down

  • Mac: shift+arrow down
  • Windows: shift+arrow down

Select Line Up

  • Mac: shift+arrow up
  • Windows: shift+arrow up

Select to Line Start

  • Mac: cmd+shift+arrow left
  • Windows: alt+shift+arrow left

Select to Line End

  • Mac: cmd+shift+arrow right
  • Windows: alt+shift+arrow right

Select Word Left

  • Mac: alt+shift+arrow left
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+arrow left

Select Word Right

  • Mac: alt+shift+arrow right
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+arrow right

Select Character Left

  • Mac: shift+arrow left
  • Windows: shift+arrow left

Select Character Right

  • Mac: shift+arrow right
  • Windows: shift+arrow right

To Lower Case

  • Mac: ctrl+shift+U
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+U

To Upper Case

  • Mac: ctrl+U
  • Windows: ctrl+U

Dataflow Editor

Download dataflow – D

Upload dataflow – U

Preview JSON – V

Anything missing? Let me know in the comments.

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  • 1
    Ziad Fayad on January 21, 2019 Reply

    great summary – i did not know some of these 🙂 !!

  • 2
    Zachary J Rodman on January 22, 2019 Reply

    Printed and pinned!

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