Infographic: Are you ready to create your dashboard?


So I decided to fire up my old computer with a very old version of Adobe InDesign so I could go back in time and create an infographic answering the question “Are you ready to build your dashboard?”.

If the answer was “No” to any of the questions I would recommend checking out the Einstein Analytics Design Guide that at the very end of the book allows you to get an outline of how to run your own design workshop. The important thing is that you don’t design your dashboard in silos, you need to think about who you are building for, how all the dashboards fit together, how they will use it and what data to use.

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Are you ready to create your dashboard?”

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    Steven Brown on January 28, 2020 Reply

    Another easy-to-understand and actionable blog post Rikke! Would be great to have an infographic for predictive use cases as well…some overlapping steps, but different destination.

    • 2
      Rikke on January 28, 2020 Reply

      I’m working on a bunch of ED blogs, so perhaps I can add that to the mix. Thanks for the suggestion. Stay tuned!

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