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What happens when you combine the power of the Einstein Analytics platform with the AI/ML capabilities to forecast your sales data? … The result is the brand new Revenue Operations Analytics Template that equips Sales leaders and reps with a fast and easy way to explore data and discover new insights.

Organizations that are able to harness their data are the ones that are most successfully leading through unprecedented times. Revenue Operations Analytics built on the Einstein Analytics platform lets you automate and enrich your forecasting process to equip Sales leaders and reps with a fast, easy, and guided way to explore data and take the right action at the right time.

The Sales Analytics Template is great but I want more…

We know you love the Sales Analytics App – but are you looking for a way to augment predictive analytics with historical data on your sales metrics for descriptive & diagnostic analytics to uncover rich insights and make proactive decisions to maximize sales efficiency?

The Revenue Operations App uncovers key insights for Sales Leaders and Sales Reps looking for accurate forecasts, better visibility into pipeline history, predictions of key metrics such as revenue, quota attainment and opportunity score, team performance to build confidence on the current sales performance and to make high impact decisions and prescribe the right sales behavior to exceed revenue targets.

Managing Sales Organizations is hard – let’s try making it simpler

Sales Leaders and Sales Reps spend a lot of time worrying about and finding answers to…


The Revenue Operations Analytics app is aimed at providing answers to all these questions while uncovering rich insights so they can spend more time closing deals and generating more pipe.

Go from data to insights in a quick few minutes

The Revenue Operations Analytics is very simple to set up – the wizard runs checks on the org to determine if it meets minimum requirements for the app to be created, and also detects the other optional features used by the org such as collaborative forecasting and Sales Cloud Einstein.

Just choose the Revenue Operations Analytics template from the gallery → run the minimum checks → create the app and explore all the assets (dashboards & datasets).

Revenue Operations Analytics is packaged with much more than sales metrics

  • Team Performance – empower and coach your Sales team by visualizing the current and predicted quarter-end numbers for the overall team as well as each member of the Sales team.
  • Predictive Revenue Forecasting – Understand where the quarter will land by combining the power of the Einstein Analytics Forecasting function (Time Series) with the team’s insights on commit and best case for each Sales team member. Combine top-down and bottom-up forecasting for each deal for better visibility into forecast accuracy and the top deals to focus on.
  • Tracking Over Time – Capture quickly evolving data by leveraging the built-in snapshotting feature to navigate back and forth in time and gain better visibility into the week-over-week evolution of quarter numbers and pipeline change.
  • Deal Overview – focus on the top deals by looking into the opportunity score for each deal, drill into the record of relevance, and take action.
  • Decoupled Snapshotting dataflow – The snapshotting dataflow is a decoupled, dependent dataflow that lets customers choose their snapshot cadence based on their business needs
  • KPI’s – track high-level KPI’s such as Closed Won, Win Rate, Quota, Predictive Revenue, Open Pipeline, New Deals, and Coverage Ratio.
  • Optional Collaborative Forecasting – The app is easy to set up with the opportunity, user, and account data if your org does not have collaborative forecasting enabled

Top-down and bottom-up forecasting for better forecast accuracy

The challenge with forecasting is the lack of insight into what is driving the forecast and the lack of efficient ML/AI strategy to predict accurately. The Revenue Operations Analytics app is packaged with forecast predictions – top-down forecasts – that looks at all opportunities owned by the Sales team and predicts a target revenue for not just the Sales team, but also each individual Sales team member. This way, Sales teams can look at what the gap to the predicted goal is and assess the top deals they need to focus on by looking at the opportunity score for each opportunity – bottom-up forecast so they don’t just meet their target, they crush it!

Snapshot quickly evolving data for better insights into what changed

Visibility into what has changed in forecast and pipeline is very important for Sales teams to prevent deals from slipping through the cracks. In the new Revenue Operations Analytics app, we package the snapshotting logic in the dataflow to capture snapshots of your sales data so you can hit the ground running. This is a powerful feature that allows users to trend any metric accurately over time.

Native Advantage & Actionability

The app is local to Salesforce, so it’s connected to your CRM with native ability to learn from your salesforce setup (e.g. role hierarchy, sharing rules), it can be seamlessly infused on their home pages where you can get all the insights you need without having to navigate back and forth between analytics and your CRM system.

Easily set up a flow action or a lightning action to update the opportunity or perform overrides right from within the dashboard. Leverage every feature that is natively supported by the platform such as custom fiscal and a 10B row capacity.

Make it your own

Extend and Customize.

The dashboard and dataflow are created while keeping in mind metrics, insights, and processes that most Sales teams care deeply about, however, if you have a custom field or metric you would like to track in the dashboard, leverage the extremely customizable and extensible Analytics platform to add more visualizations to the dashboard or computations in the dataflow to meet your specific business requirement.

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