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After the introduction of the new Data Prep that allows you to transform and prepare your data in a whole new way, more innovation is coming to Tableau CRM. The team is currently working on a new and exciting, blazing fast version of the Data Manager. This post comes as a preview of the work in progress, thanks to the beautiful designs our UX team worked on. We currently expect the new Data Manager to be available in Beta this year (safe harbor).

In the effort to provide a new and updated Data Manager, the work the team will do will focus on a number of key areas in which we want to improve upon the existing Tableau CRM Data Manager, in particular Performance, Ease of Use, and Extensibility.


Many of our largest and more mature customers now rely on Tableau CRM for a very large number of Analytics use cases, which means a large number of Datasets are registered in their orgs, and a very large number of Dataflows, Recipes, and Data Syncs are running every single day. Performance on these very large orgs is an area in which we want to improve.

We expect all pages in the new Data Manager to be extremely performant for large orgs that have hundreds of datasets and countless Recipes and Data Sync jobs running. Every one of our customers should be able to find a Dataset or identify a job in the Monitor in a matter of seconds.


Ease of Use

As part of the new Data Manager, we expect to greatly improve usability, search capabilities, and visibility of data limits – in order to make Data Admins much more efficient in their day to day.

As you can see in our screenshots, every page of the new Data Manager will offer a search bar. The column that can be searched will vary based on the page (Monitor, Data, Recipes, Connectors).


In addition to search, we will also offer filtering capabilities. Also, the fields offered for filtering will be different based on the page. In the following screenshot you can see for example the filtering feature at work on the Recipes page:


Another important feature we will offer is the visibility of the limits – Data Admins are always concerned that the data volume or the processing might hit some of the org limits we set for our product, so being able to have a centralized view of the status of the limits for the org is really a game-changer. Currently, some of these limits are scattered across different pages, others are visible only when they are hit.

For the future, we also plan to offer notifications when limits are close to being hit (for example, 75% of the maximum value). Please note that the limits shown in the following screenshots are just examples:


Additionally, some other valuable features we plan to have in the new Data Manager include:

  • Ordering the view on the various pages by clicking on column headers
  • 30 days of data in the monitor.


The new Data Manager will also be much easier to extend over time thanks to its Lightning technology. The usage of Lightning makes sure that it will be much easier for the team to add features going forward, while also ensuring better accessibility compared to the legacy Data Manager.

Among the plans for future improvements, once we will have replaced and improved upon the current Data Manager, we have items like:

  • Improved Assets Management, including for example folders and a more granular ability to categorize and handle access to data assets.
  • Improved Scheduling and Orchestration, including features to better manage when and in what order Data Prep and other jobs will run in Tableau CRM.

We are very excited about the innovation we are bringing to Tableau CRM with the new Data Manager. As we work on creating this beautiful new home for Data Admins and more occasional users alike, please feel free to leave a comment below to let us know if you want to be contacted to offer feedback on the current Data Manager and the direction we are taking for the future.

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