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The communications industry is hyper-competitive, going through significant changes such as increased customer expectations, accelerated digitization, and new technology like 5G and IoT. We’re at a time where connectivity is becoming a commodity, and communication service providers (CSPs) are investing in technologies that will help them provide differentiated experiences, which historically has been a challenge to do. AI and advanced business analytics are needed to support these digital transformations and help CSPs deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Salesforce’s Communications Cloud delivers next-generation business support systems (BSS), industry best practices process library, helping CSPs deliver a personalized and effortless digital experience, drive revenue growth, and improve business agility through digital transformation. Through these industry-specific best practices and data models that support these processes, Communications Cloud offers hyper-personalized digital experiences for their customers via ready-to-deploy industry applications that enable end-to-end business process mapping, such as catalog-driven lead to order to fulfillment. All of this has been built with TM Forum’s industry standards and best practices, which is part of the communications-specific data model that underlies the entire product.

Speaking of acceleration, the best way to support customers and increase engagement during this transformation and beyond is to use advanced analytics to truly understand your customers and anticipate their needs. This is where Tableau CRM for Communications comes in to help sellers understand and succeed with complex sales processes, and to support service teams in getting a holistic view of customers so they can support customer needs right from their Salesforce instance. In today’s omnichannel environment, a sound data and analytics strategy is crucial to up-level telcos and differentiate against competitors. And because Tableau CRM for Communications is built natively in Salesforce and Communications Cloud, it’s the only solution that delivers data and intelligent insights embedded in existing sales and service workflows.

Why Tableau CRM?

Tableau CRM for Communications enables CSPs to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, accelerating their analytics journey to measure and monitor KPI’s that are critical to expanding the addressable market and ARPU (average revenue per user).

Tableau CRM delivers pre-built KPI’s that are guided by TM Forum’s Data Analytics Toolkit, a range of assets to support members in making use of analytics to inform decision making and ultimately drive automation within their businesses.


How does it work?

Based on industry-specific data models delivered by Communications Industry, Tableau CRM orchestrates the best datasets by applying a rich set of transformations using the newest features of recipes, which can be readily used to run predictive models and operationalize Machine-led intelligence across business processes. The result? Easy to understand analytics that improves decision making and productivity, to ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Who can benefit from these apps

When developing this tool, we had several personas in mind that can benefit from advanced analytics with Tableau CRM. The app aims to provide insights at different levels and areas within communication organizations, targeted at the roles that can most impact the business and the customer experience. Let’s have a look at the main roles.

Sales Managers and Account Executives

It’s incredibly important to help maximize sales productivity, especially as we’re moving to a more complicated and diverse form of solution selling. Product lines are more complex, ranging from selling consumer-like multi-play for small and medium businesses to ICT and large multi-site network services to enterprise businesses. The goal is to enable sales reps to spend more time selling, and less time doing administrative tasks that don’t drive the business forward.

Tableau CRM for Communications can help reps identify the best leads and opportunities, can help them grow those opportunities, and prioritize what customers should be attended to now versus what can wait. Sales teams can propose and configure products and manage and pricing in one interface, all in the context of the rest of their deals. This helps them develop trusted advisor relationships with key accounts and associated stakeholders, instead of just creating transactional experiences that don’t lead to subscriber loyalty. All of this helps sales teams stay proactive and make a real impact on subscriber acquisition.

Service Reps

Tableau CRM for Communications gives service reps the tools they need to drive customer satisfaction — it’s all about increasing that NPS score while reducing the cost to serve. Service teams get a complete view of subscribers, pulling in metrics such as usage trends, spending, and any other relevant external data needed. Reps can keep track of the health and sentiment of accounts, helping them anticipate customer needs so they can resolve questions, drive upsells, and prevent churn. Because it’s built natively in Salesforce and Communications Cloud, service reps can take action right from their analytics, and manage the entire customer experience in one place.

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Using the pre-built Tableau CRM for Communications Analytics App, customers can build KPIs to increase order accuracy and speed, improve customer satisfaction, streamline business processes, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

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