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Integration and calculations can be challenging when implementing a new greenfield implementation of Salesforce. But we also often see post-implementation that there is a need to update CRM from external sources. Here, there are many choices around integration patterns involving different tradeoffs and skills. 

In any of these scenarios, usually, one of the most critical people left out of the decision-making when it gets to how to get information into the CRM is the Salesforce Admin. The biggest complaint from Salesforce Admins is that they don’t have access to granular rows nor specific columns, which often results in them not getting quite what they expected. 

Salesforce Admins have to contend with security, complex integration tools, or data-warehouses to transform data. However, they want to do some relatively simple calculations to make it easier for a Sales Rep to sell and a Service Engineer to support their customers. Items such as currency, fiscal calendars, or time zones are usually last considered due to the pain of just getting data. Of course, this also assumes the Salesforce Admin has access and skills to leverage these other systems or be largely dependent on other teams.

The fact is: users want more data! Delaying data in the field can cost deals, minimize service to customers while also frustrating the field that they can’t get the information they need to meet their end goals. 

Answer: Now we have Salesforce Data Pipelines.

Salesforce Data Pipelines (aka SDP) has been built for Salesforce admins who would like to:

  1. create complex calculations declaratively across their Salesforce objects and data, 
  2. add cloud-based external data sources into the CRM data model, 
  3. blend CRM and external data for measures, 
  4. and use a query service to access CRM-based prepped data. 

For Salesforce Admins, now with Salesforce Data Pipelines, creating complex calculations can be an easy challenge. Admins used to have to contend with APEX and using external systems. SDP now makes this easy in clicks. 

How easy? Let’s have a look at an everyday use case – creating a “Health Score.” Admins would like a type of score on the account object or level to understand “what is going on in the Account”? 

For example, a traffic light scenario with either a: 

  • 🟢 Green indicator,
  • 🟠 Orange indicator,
  • 🔴 or Red indicator.  

The make-up of these metrics is, of course, different for each company, but for this use case, we will keep it super simple and use cases and opportunities, and probably what most customers would like to calculate.

Check out the video below for the use case walk-through.

Got any other use case ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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