Einstein Discovery: How good is my model really?

Olfa Kharrat 17. September 2019 Add Intelligence, Summer 19 9
🇯🇵 Read in Japanese As artificial intelligence, and specifically machine learning, is conquering today’s business world, a new way of human machine interaction enters our professional lives. We are more and more guided by predictive models that prioritise our work and give recommendations to improve our business. Once widely adopted, this embedding of so-called augmented ...

Einstein Analytics: A robust approach for performing period over period analysis (using a single date picker)

Einstein Analytics dashboard pattern for dynamic Period over Period Analysis using a single date picker. Highlights: * Works with a single standard date widget * Works with absolute dates * Works with relative date bonus Allows switching between \"current period vs. prior period\" (example: Jan-Feb 2019 vs. Nov-Dec 2018) & \"current period vs same period prior year\" (example: Jan-Feb 2019 vs. Jan-Feb 2018)

SAQL simply explained – Part 1

When we create dashboards in Einstein Analytics most of us rely on the UI. In the dashboard editor, we click “New Step” select our dataset, define the measure and a grouping whereafter we add it to the dashboard. In other words, with point and click, we can create a great dashboard that gives insight into the data. ...

A Hot Summer19 Release Right Off the Press

Rikke Hovgaard 12. June 2019 Summer 19 1
June has approached in fact we are almost midway through June, which means it’s officially Summer. And since I have crossed the “pond” and gone to Austin Texas, I cannot help but think “Wow, this is hot” and so it the Einstein Analytics Summer19 release. Some production environments have already been updated this past weekend ...