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I'm a product manager at Salesforce with the Einstein Discover Team. Before my life as a Product Manager I worked on the product as a Lead Engineer, so if you notice any bugs; feel free to ping me on LinkedIn. One-time offer only!

Product Management Director at Salesforce, leading Ask Data for Salesforce and Reports & Dashboards products. Passionate about empowering all users with relevant data insights.

VP, Product Management at Salesforce

Member of Technical Staff at Tableau CRM, Salesforce

Senior Engineer - App Template Rangers team focused on creating Analytics Applications packaged with dashboards, datasets, and AI/ML predictions and insights that provide fast time to value for business users across Sales, Service, and Marketing verticals. Kimya is a data nerd and passionate about combining descriptive analytics with innovative predictive solutions that make data science insights available for all.

A Data Science Co-op at Salesforce in the US working with Tableau CRM specifically focused on Einstein Discovery and other AI tools on the platform. I have a background in Computer Science and Psychology and am passionate about bridging the knowledge gap between Machine Learning tools and their users.

Product manager at Salesforce