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Ziad Fayad has been part of the Salesforce Einstein Analytics product team since Jan 2015 with influence strategy roles targeting adoption and growth of EA through the successful EA Academies (Campfires) program. He is is a data expert and analytics technologist with extensive background in business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Director, Einstein Analytics Product Management at Salesforce

Principal Architect at Salesforce leading development of the Salesforce Analytics experience for traditional reports and dashboards and ML augmented interfaces leveraging natural language and semantic graphs.

Director of Product Management at Salesforce

Hello! I am a Senior Product Manager for the CRM Analytics team. I work on Operational Reports & Dashboards and build innovative solutions & tools. I've been with Salesforce for 6 years.
NEU engineer at heart (Go Huskies!!)
In my spare time I love dancing, yoga and trying out new cuisines.

In his role as Product Manger of Einstein Discovery at Salesforce / Tableau, Darvish works on creating a world-class machine learning platform, enabling data professionals, and collaborating with customers to help drive their success.

Director of Product Management