Pardot New Feature: Run that rule multiple times


Wow, this is exciting in the world of Pardot! I love automation rules in Pardot, it simply allows you to automate some of your processes like assigning profiles and grading them according to defined criteria. However, one big drawback is that automation rules only run once; the first time the prospect match that criteria. So let’s say you have multiple grading criteria in one rule.

If prospect has industry Technology


If prospect has title CEO


If prospect has country United Kingdom

then the action is to send a special offer.

Well, let’s say the prospect is a CEO and lives in the United Kingdom, by this rule the email would be sent, but nothing will ever happen if the prospect matches the industry Technology since the rule has already run for this prospect.

That is no longer necessarily the truth. Pardot will now allow you to run the rule multiple times if you simply check the checkbox “repeat”. You can define how often you are allowed to match (and trigger the action) as well as the maximum of time you can match the criteria, which for some actions might come quite handy.

On Pardot’s own blog you can read two of the use cases they see renewal email and negative scoring based on lack of activity.

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