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Are you planning on taking a Pardot certification and want to test your knowledge? I’ve created a series of questions to help determine if you are ready to take the certification. Please be aware that these questions are not taken or memorized from the actual certification, rather they are created from scratch in order to make sure that relevant Pardot areas are covered. Hence you cannot expect that these questions will appear on the actual certification.

Note: this blog is written with the Summer 17 release and the questions have not been (and will not be) updated since. Hence things new features have been added to Pardot and existing features may have been modified and answers may no longer be correct.


1: You want to assign prospects to a specific sales user when that prospect submits a form and is from region EMEA. What tool do you need to use? [Choose one answer]

A: Segmentation Rule

B: Completion Action

C: Dynamic List

D: Automation Rule

2: You have been asked to create a form that gathers information from prospects. This information should be available in Pardot as well as a custom build community site. How would you achieve this? [Choose one answer]

A: Create a Pardot form and via completion actions submit the details to the community site.

B: Create a website form that submits the details to the community site and integrate it with a Pardot form handler.

C: Create a Pardot form and via an automation rule submit the details to the community site.

D: Create a website form that integrates with a Pardot form handler, details are submitted to the community site using Pardot API.

3: You have several white papers on your website, but you want to start gateing those and gather more and more details about prospects as they download the white papers. What is the best way to achieve this?

A: Create a form and enable progressive profiling

B: Create a form handler and enable progressive profiling

C: Create a form handler for each white paper

D: Create a form per white paper and enable progressive profiling

4: Which actions can be achieved with completion actions? [Choose three answers]

A: Assign to queue

B: Notify account owner

C: Set profile

D: Increment prospect field value

5: What is true about completion actions? [Choose two answers]

A: Completion actions are retroactive and will apply to activities done before and after you apply them

B: Completion actions only execute for prospects. They will not affect visitors.

C: Completion actions can be criteria based.

D: Completion actions will not execute for image files.

6: What is true about custom redirects? [Choose two answers]

A: When a visitor clicks a custom redirect any completion actions associated with the custom redirect will trigger.

B: Custom redirects will continue to work if they are deleted in Pardot.

C: When a visitor converts to a prospect completion actions on a custom redirect will trigger

D: Custom redirects are great for linking to files or pages you do not host.

7: What is true about Dynamic Content? [Choose three answers]

A: You can add up to 25 variations of content

B: You can base variations on Scoring Categories

C: You can add dynamic content to web pages

D: You can use dynamic content in subject lines

8: Which one is not an email template you can create in Pardot? [Choose one answer]

A: “Engage” template

B: “One to one emails” template

C: “List emails” template

D: “Autoresponder emails” template

9: What activities can be done in Pardot’s engagement program? [Choose one answer]

A: Trigger, action and rule

B: Trigger, activity and rule

C: Trigger, activity and check

D: Trigger, listen and check

10: What is possible with a trigger in engagement program? [Choose two answers]

A: Email link click

B: File open

C: Specific email link click

D: Form handler error

11: What is true about page actions? [Choose three answers]

A: You can define a page to be a priority page to highlight the activity to Sales reps and other users.

B: It is possible to use URL wildcard by adding * to the end of the URL.

C: You cannot use auto responder emails with page actions.

D: You cannot set the prospect’s source campaign with page actions.

12: What is true about scoring? [Choose one answer]

A: Pardot comes with a scoring model that cannot be adjusted or changed.

B: Pardot will automatically assign prospects a score from F- to A+.

C: Salesforce opportunities can influence a prospect’s score.

D: It is not possible to reset a prospect’s score to 0.

13: What is true about grading? [Choose two answers]

A: A prospect can be associated to multiple profiles.

B: You cannot change the default profile criteria

C: Matching or unmatching a criteria will result in an increase or decrease of the grade by ⅓, ⅔ or 3/3 of a grade.

D: All prospects start with a grade of D.

14: Which is not a standard role in Pardot? [Choose one answer]

A: Sales Manager

B: Marketing

C: Administrator

D: Sales User

15: When mapping fields between Pardot and Salesforce how can you control the synchronization? [Choose one answer]

A: Use Salesforce’s value

B: Use Pardot’s value

C: Use the most recently updated record

D: All of the above

16: What is true about the Salesforce connector [Choose two answers]

A: When connecting Pardot and Salesforce you only need to follow a connection wizard in Pardot.

B: You can connect Pardot to a Salesforce sandbox or production environment

C: Only lead, contacts and accounts are synchronized from Salesforce to Pardot

D: Email is the unique identifier unless “allow multiple Prospects with same email address” is enabled.

17: What is essential to setup when you are implementing Pardot for the first time? [Choose three answers]

A: Create and add a tracking code to the website

B: Setup DNS for each used domain and validate the connection

C: Setup tracker subdomain and validate it

D: Choose which sender IP to use

18: What is true about Pardot tracking? [Choose two answers]

A: The code is generated from a Salesforce campaign

B: Visitor filters can be added to Pardot to restrict tracking (clicks, visits, email notifications etc) from certain IP addresses

C: Cookies will always expire after 10 years

D: Visitors and prospects that have “do not track” settings enabled on their browser will not have their activities tracked while on your site.

19: What is the purpose of creating a Tracker subdomain? [Choose one answer]

A: To allow emails to be sent from your domain

B: To host all Pardot landing pages and forms on your website

C: To give a seamless transition between pages and form that you host and your Pardot hosted assets.

D: All of the above

20: What is true about A/B testing? [Choose two answers]

A: You can disable A/B testing before and after email sent.

B: You can only do A/B testing on list emails.

C: When you turn off A/B testing you will have to choose which version to keep.

D: It is recommended to test at least 5 different elements in your A/B tests.

21: Which standard connectors can be activated in Pardot [Choose two answers]

A: Survey Monkey

B: Youtube

C: GoToWebinar

D: Olark

22: Which objects are synched between Pardot and Salesforce? [Choose two answers]

A: Account

B: Opportunity

C: Case

D: Order

23: What is important to remember when creating custom prospect fields in Pardot? [Choose one answer]

A: Pardot cannot sync with multi picklist in Salesforce

B: The matching field in Salesforce must have the exactly the same name on the lead and contact object in order for Pardot to synch to both objects.

C: Pardot cannot sync with formula fields in Salesforce

D: You can only create 50 custom fields in Pardot.


1: D

2: B

3: D

4: A, C, D

5: B, D

6: B, D

7: A, C, D

8: A

9: A

10: A, C

11: A, B, C

12: C

13: C, D

14: D

15: D

16: B, D

17: A, B, C

18: B, D

19: C

20: B, C

21: C, D

22: A, B

23: B

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11 thoughts on “Pardot Certification Mock Questions”

  • 1
    Tigh Loughhead on August 17, 2018 Reply

    I don’t think Custom redirects will continue to work if they are deleted in Pardot (question 6)…

    • 2
      Rikke on August 17, 2018 Reply

      Well, mine still works after they are deleted. Remember clicking delete is not actually a hard delete.

  • 3
    Manish on August 31, 2018 Reply

    Today i completed my Exam successfully in the very first go .. this adds my 18th salesforce certificate … Preparation duration 1 week (Every day 1-2 hours )
    Recommendations :
    Trial Head
    1. Process Automation (Decent %age of questions will from this )
    2. Scoring
    3. Engagement Program and DRIP
    4. Roles
    5. Setting
    6. List and Pardot Objects
    End of this practice mock test from blogs and sites
    a. Quizlet
    b. proprofs
    Glad learning and practice helps a lot . Hope you will succeed in the very first attempt .

  • 4
    shreyas murali on November 21, 2018 Reply

    isnt 4 -ABC?

  • 5
    moula on December 30, 2018 Reply

    4 is ACD because completion action have action notify user / notify assigned user and also increment Prospect field value

  • 6
    Neli Nedeleva on August 22, 2019 Reply

    4 should be all – you can also set profile through the completion action.

  • 7
    Erica on September 12, 2019 Reply

    @neil nedeleva-i thought the same thing about question 4.

  • 8
    david on July 27, 2020 Reply

    #10 – There’s no trigger action called “Specific Email Link Click” only “Email Link Click” I’m on my engagement studio as I type this. Why specific?

    • 9
      Rikke on July 27, 2020 Reply

      Probably cause this blog was written in 2017 and questions are related to how it was 3 years ago ?

  • 10

    Super helpful tips to pass the Pardot certification exam! Thanks!

  • 11
    Brenda on February 10, 2021 Reply

    Sales user IS a standard role

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