Learn Data Management

Data plays a key role in any business, but it’s often messy, incomplete, or not optimized for analytics. Use connectors and recipes to carry out all your Salesforce data tasks.

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Connecting & integrating data

To work with data we need data available. Find and connect different data sources.

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Preparing data

Join, enrich and enhance your data with recipes or dataflow and ready for exploration.

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Make data smarter with ML

Leverage out-of-the-box smart transformations to get even more value out of your data.

Managing data assets

Understand how to best orchestrate your flow of data, keep data performance-optimized, and maintain a clean data manager.

Data Prep Scheduling - Data Orchestration Part 6

Data Prep Scheduling – Data Orchestration Part 6

Considerations you should have when scheduling your dataflows as well as some obstacles you may encounter.
Dependent Data Jobs - Data Orchestration Part 7

Dependent Data Jobs – Data Orchestration Part 7

There are scenarios where dataflow and recipes are dependent on each other and should be run in a specific sequence. In this part, we will provide a practical approach to these scenarios.
Optimizing long-running dataflows

Optimizing long-running dataflows

An approach on how to optimize long-running dataflows for better performance.
Clean up Data Manager Assets

Clean up Data Manager Assets

Tips and tricks to how you best approach cleaning your data manager assets.
Introducing the dataflow visualizer

Introducing the dataflow visualizer

Visualize your dataflow JSON without having access to the org or custom objects/fields.

Carrying out data tasks with Data Pipelines

Use Salesforce Data Pipelines to manage different data tasks at scale natively in Salesforce.

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