Learn Data Visualization

Bring your data to life by creating stunning dashboards in CRM Analytics. Go above and beyond by leveraging the whole data visualization platform to bring data in front of your users.

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Explore data with Lightning Reports

Use Lightning Reports and Dashboard to get a real-time view of Salesforce data.

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Create insights with templates

Get up and running quickly with templated analytics apps and dashboards. Use them as-is or customize them and make them your own.

New Account Segmentation Template using Clustering Transform

New Account Segmentation Template using Clustering Transform

Create clusters with the cluster smart transform. Explore and compare key difference plus do white space analysis based on opportunities and products.
Account Discovery with Cohort Benchmarking

Account Discovery with Cohort Benchmarking

Insight into how you can customize the Account Discovery dashboard within Revenue Intelligence.

Make dashboards dynamic with bindings

Make your dashboards even more dynamic and flexible with the use of bindings aka interactions. See the official documentation here.

Einstein Analytics: Demystifying Bindings – Part 1

Learn the different components of a binding and what they mean.

Einstein Analytics: Demystifying Bindings – Part 3

Learn how to do grouping and measure bindings in SAQL.

Einstein Analytics: Demystifying Bindings – Part 4

Learn how you can do different date bindings.

Create custom queries with SAQL and SQL

Go beyond point and click and create your own custom queries with Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL) or SQL.

SAQL simply explained – Part 1

An introduction to SAQL and understand a basic SAQL query.

SAQL simply explained – Part 2

Understand how order and multiple groupings and measures are used.

SAQL simply explained – Part 3

Understand how to use filters in SAQL.

SAQL simply explained – Part 4

Understand how the cogroup statement works.

Create stunning visualizations

Leverage the many different widgets in the dashboard editor to create stunning dashboards.

Query data directly from connectors

Use the direct query options to get live data from Salesforce or external data sources using available connectors.

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Extend and make actionable insights

Extend the capabilities of dashboards further for the benefit of your users and allow them to make better decisions and take actions on insight.

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