A SAQL use case with dates

A SAQL use case with dates
Lately, I’ve been tasked to build some new dashboards, getting my hands dirty so to speak. I thought I would share one of the use cases I’ve worked on as it involves SAQL and dates. It’s often something I get questions on, so I figured let me provide this example and hopefully, it may give ...

A SAQL Cogrouping Hack

Some of my blogs are inspired by questions or use cases that I encounter when working with Tableau CRM. In the past month, I’ve had the same question around joining two datasets in a query; one dataset is grouped by two dimensions, but the other dataset is missing one of those dimensions, hence the question ...

Einstein Analytics: A robust approach for performing period over period analysis (using a single date picker)

Einstein Analytics dashboard pattern for dynamic Period over Period Analysis using a single date picker. Highlights: * Works with a single standard date widget * Works with absolute dates * Works with relative date bonus Allows switching between \"current period vs. prior period\" (example: Jan-Feb 2019 vs. Nov-Dec 2018) & \"current period vs same period prior year\" (example: Jan-Feb 2019 vs. Jan-Feb 2018)