All About Stories

Einstein Discovery and its stories are the hidden and powerful gem of Tableau CRM. My feeling is a lot of companies have licenses to create stories but do not know how to go about it. On this page, I have collected a series of blogs to help you to understand what Einstein Discovery is, what you can do with the tool and how to get started.

This work has not been possible without a list of people that have contributed content and feedback. So thanks to Olfa Kharrat, Colin Linsky, Reinier van Leuken, Darvish Shadravan, and Randy Sherwood.

From planning to deployment

What are Einstein Discovery Stories and when would you use them?: understand what Einstein Discovery stories are including the benefits and possibilities.

What kind of questions can Einstein Discovery Stories answer?: understand how to formulate your business questions for predictive purposes.

Staying focused – Using a methodology to organize your thoughts and project activities: understand how the steps in an Einstein Discovery project and how to create a good use case.

Finding great example outcomes of the good and bad decisions – Building a modeling dataset (coming soon)

Helping guide where to look for patterns in your data – Using and refining Story setup (coming soon)

Understanding what Tableau CRM has found in your data – Interpreting your Story (coming soon)

Getting your Return on Investment – Deploying Einstein Discovery Stories to Salesforce users (coming soon)

Create Intelligent Applications with the ‘Predict’ node in Recipes: apply your story model outputs to any dataset created from Recipes.

How good is my model really: understand how to evaluate if your predictive model is good.

The Delicacy of Accuracy: A Deep Dive on Classification Performance: taking a closer look at binary (true/false) model metrics.

Take your Einstein Discovery model from good to great: understand how what options you have to improve your model.

The complete guide to Einstein Discovery model deployments: a complete overview of all options to deploy your model including pros and cons.

Managing Einstein Discovery Models in the Wild: detecting drift and maintaining your model performance.

Tree-Based Learning Algorithms in Einstein Discovery: understand how the tree-based models work in Einstein Discovery and how you can apply them to your stories.

Hands-on examples & use-cases

Preparing Your Data For Einstein Discovery: a practical example on how to model your data for an Einstein Discovery story of “Minimize Time to Close”.

Estimate Propensity to Buy with Einstein Discovery to improve sales excellence: a use-case in using Einstein Discovery to find the best fit of product to a customer.

Accelerating Prescriptive Analytics Using Einstein Discovery Templates: practical use case leveraging story templates to get any Salesforce admin started with Einstein Discovery and predictive analytics.

Einstein Discovery in Tableau – Try it for Yourself: a step-by-step walkthrough of how to deploy your stories to Tableau.